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New Clients

Divine Monkey offers a complimentary 20-minute appointment to help you see if this is the right place for you. You are welcome to call or email to set one up before you make an initial appointment.



What to expect at your first visit

At your initial consultation, you will have up to two hours to discuss your illness and whatever else is getting in the way of  living your life to its fullest. Either at this appointment or several days after, I will prescribe and send your homeopathic remedy to you.
















How to prepare for your first visit

A set of health history forms are available for you. These are to be filled out before your initial appointment. There is no additional preparation for your initial appointment.


During the initial and follow up conversations, I may ask you about topics that seem to have little or no relevance to your primary complaint. Because homeopathy treats the whole person, learning about your general landscape and individual tendencies helps in remedy selection.

Someone suffering from migraines who tends to be duty bound, over responsible and somewhat anxious would require a different remedy than someone with migraines who feels vulnerable in the world, gets their feelings easily hurt, and is afraid of rejection.











“Homeopathy cures a greater percentage of cases than any other method of treatment. Homeopathy is the latest and refined method of treating patients economically and non-violently.”

— Mahatma Gandhi

 Client Testimonials



I've been seeing Sandi for over 2 years as needed, and cannot say enough about her skills as a homeopath and as a healer overall. Firstly, Sandi is an incredible listener. She spends hours in the first session digging deeply into ailments and your overall constitutional picture. She asks really deep, profound questions that are actually very therapeutic in themselves, and then she spends even more time coming up with the right remedy for you. She always follows up and is very responsive to needs and questions as they arise.  Sometimes, as with a difficult case like mine, it takes several remedies to unravel the problem. I found Sandi's remedies to always help, and the process of unraveling the problem to be an incredibly interesting and powerful journey -- one where Sandi was there every step of the way. Sandi is very approachable -- you can talk to her about anything at all. She is open, warm, friendly and has a huge smile. And her office is very comfortable. I recommend her wholeheartedly.  — Margaretha H.



Sandi is a caring, competent and compassionate practitioner. She is a keen listener and uses this, as well as her other remarkable skills, to determine the most appropriate homeopathic remedy. She is reliable, extremely thorough and rather unique. I am grateful to have met her.   — Melanie H.



I am new to the world of homeopathy and had no idea where to go in the Bay Area for homeopathic remedies and advice. LUCKILY I came across Divine Monkey and Sandi Kaplan! I left a message and got a call back within the hour. Sandi is extremely kind to have spoken to me for about 30 minutes listening, explaining and re-explaining and listening some more. I had been advised from a good friend on what I needed so I just called Sandi to see if I could get the remedies from her. Instead of trying to loop me in for a consultation she just listened to what was recommended to me and offered her suggestions. Within 24 hours we had met and now I am starting the remedy. Hoping for the best but her customer service is 5 star worthy! Will definitely be seeing her myself in the future and referring friends and family who have struggled with health problems and western medicine's failure to 'cure' them.  — Bob P.



Sandi is Wonderful!...My family has had her help us with so many health concerns - from long term chronic health issues to minor acute issues like poison oak, ear infections, headaches, etc. She is very attentive and detail oriented. She is so compassionate and caring and I never feel embarrassed to tell her anything. She is very skilled at her practice and is very prompt at getting a remedy for us. I highly recommend Sandi and Divine Monkey Homeopathy.... We have seen the results!

— Misty C.



Sandi and Divine Monkey are amazing. I had a chest thing/ cough forever. Doctors gave me antibiotics until my whole immune system was destroyed by them, and still it did not get any better. Got flues and colds that lingered forever. 2 months with Sandi and I was completely better. That was almost a year ago and my immune system is fine. Don't even get colds or flues now. Went back to her recently for an injury and she fixed me up fast. — Sharif H.



I had an unusual health issue for years, chronic fatigue? Was on disability due to no energy, etc. Doctors thought I was crazy, didn't want to listen to me anymore. Sandi Kaplan was referred to me by a friend I trust. Never did homeopathy before but was desperate. She actually listened to me. 3 months later, I felt cured and was totally able to get on with my life. She great and I recommend her with all my heart.

— Hanif K.



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Client Reviews
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