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Bug Repellent

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Several times lately, I have been asked about a safe, non-toxic insect repellent. The Bay Area isn’t particularly known for having a plethora of mosquitos but still, we get them, especially when our October summer arrives. I have a long history of searching for the perfect insect repellent – one that doesn’t have any harsh chemicals, doesn’t actually kill the insect - yes, even mosquitos serve a purpose in the balance - and is still effective at pointing the little ones in another direction.

Some years ago I joined three amazing homeopaths in Tanzania to work with Homeopathy for Health in Africa; you can find a link for the organization on my Community Resources page. As none of us had been vaccinated against yellow fever, and all of us had chosen to take a homeopathic prophylactic in lieu of anti-malarial medication, the topic of mosquito repellent became a huge source of conversation in the house.

Four homeopathy heads came together and came up with a recipe I’m quite fond of. If it can ward off Tanzanian mosquitos, it might just work in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota which, in the right season, is my very own version of insect purgatory.


  • 16 oz. bottle of Aloe Vera Juice

  • Lavender essential oil

  • Lemongrass essential oil

  • Citronella essential oil

  • 8oz. spray bottle

    1. Fill spray bottle almost full with Aloe Vera juice.

    2. Add 20 drops citronella oil, 15 drops lemongrass oil and 10 drops lavender oil.

    3. Spray frequently especially when exerting energy; mosquitos locate us via our carbon dioxide output.

Let me know what you think. Your feedback is always appreciated.

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