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No Ordinary Times

The face of the Statue of Liberty

Times have been difficult lately, and not in that ordinary way where times can be, at times, difficult. We have reached a new level of ‘difficult’. Our nation is in the throes of some mighty large turmoil; the scale of which we have not seen in decades. Some of us have never seen turmoil of this sort and it is having an effect on the smallest of us.

I have had many parents come into my office in the past few months, worried because suddenly their children are not sleeping well; or parents have been worried about the sudden escalation of tantrums or unusual irritability.

If you are concerned for the future of our planet right now, keep in mind that children are paying close attention. Children can sense when families are on edge.

I have been prescribing two homeopathic remedies lately that have been helping alleviate some o f the anxiety that has been following some of us around since the presidential election:

A bottle of Bach Rescue Remedy and packaging

Bach Rescue Remedy: contains flower essences that help alleviate terror and panic, mollify irritation and impatience, ease shock and calm irrational thoughts. On the market since 1930, this is a good, all natural stress-reliever.

Rescue Remedy can help babies who wake with fear, toddlers who are having meltdowns, the puppy on 4th of July, someone who just had a car or bicycle accident, or anyone who is experiencing a fright, shock or sudden panic.

Aconite napellus

Aconite napellus, derived from monkshood plant, is used to treat fear, anxiety or restlessness. The anxiety in Aconite is so severe, someone might believe they will die. Another wonderful use of Aconite is when a flu, ear infection, sore throat – or any illness – come on suddenly from being out in cold, dry air and then getting chilled. If a fright is involved, such as getting lost and getting chilly, Aconite is your ticket to quicker recovery.

Of course, as with any emotional state or illness, if symptoms persist, come see your homeopath.

"In a world without protection, without refuge, without a home, without friends and without a haven, I will be a protector, a refuge, a home, a friend and a haven.”

- Bodhisattva vow


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